Saturday, May 17, 2014

Jayonce drops movie-esque "ONTHERUN" Trailer

 Always the capitalists..Jayonce drops a HOT promo video for their upcoming "On The Run" tour...the starstudded cast is to be desired and proves just how much power the couple wields in the entertainment industry. One thing is for sure, Bey has crossed over and is definitely seeking something 'other than'...whatever it may be., this is a different Beyonce! Besides the use of the "N" word and over-saturation of "gun culture" the Trailer is FIRE! Shout out to our man "Huck" a.k.a Guillermo Diaz from "Scandal!

 reports ComplexMagazine:

Jay Z and Beyoncé just released a dramatic trailer for "Run," which is set to the song "Part II (On The Run)" off Jay's Magna Carta Holy Grail. The video has an all-star cast of cameos, ranging from Jake Gyllenhaal to Emmy Rossum and nearly A-list actor in between. But at the center of the video's plot is the special relationship between the power couple. We also now know why Bey posted a picture of the two riding on a motorcycle last month.

As for an actual full-fledged film, don't get your hopes up. The trailer ends with the words, "Coming never." But at least we know that everything is well in the Carter-Knowles family (in case today's Instagram post didn't confirm that). And of course, this serves to promote Jay and Beyoncé's On The Run tour that begins later this summer.

Oh, before I forget...there's a website! NeverComing

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