Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Last Days - Brother shoots Brother and than Kills Self

This is a horrible story. So now the parents are burying two children at the same damn time. SMH


Police in Miami are investigating the shooting deaths of two teenage brothers that occurred late Sunday night.

Family members told CBS4 News that 14-year-old Stephen Odeus shot his brother, 16-year-old Stanley Blanc, after the two fought over who could wear each other’s clothes.

After realizing what he had done — and before anyone could stop him — Stephen ran across the apartment complex and used the same gun to take his own life.

The teenagers’ older brother, Marc Blanc, told CBS4 News that it “started off as a small petty argument, but escalated into a fight.”

Kedner Louis, a friend of the family who was present at the scene, said that “Stanley wanted to wear Stephen’s clothes, Stephen didn’t want him to.”

He says family members separated the pair inside the apartment, but the fight spilled over into the grounds outside, where Stephen Odeus shot his brother Stanley.

“Right before my eyes, my brother just shot my other brother,” Blanc said. He saw Stephen run away, and shortly thereafter, heard another gunshot.

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