Friday, May 30, 2014

LOVE THIS: Maya Angelou on the Importance of Speaking the Truth

 I was 16 or even younger when I first read "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sangs" by Maya Angelou and I will never forget the pain she experienced as a young black girl.  I was amazed at her strength than and as the woman, teacher, poet, artist and so much more that she grew to become. She so eloquently used her tests she experienced in life and turned them into her Testimonies which she freely shared with us all! A true example of never giving up, of stepping into one's own Greatness! R.I.P  Phenomenal Woman!


Last month Dr. Maya Angelou was honored at the National Portrait Gallery with her own portrait. During the festivities, Roland Martin, host of “NewsOne Now,”  had a change to talk with Dr. Angelou about being honored by her piers and the value of speaking the truth.

“Facts often obscure the truth,” Dr. Angelou said. “You don’t have to tell everything you know,” she continued. “But try to make everything you say the truth as you understand it.”

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