Saturday, May 17, 2014

Oh Really Now? Sherri Shepherd's Ex Husband files for Custody of their son. SMH

Oh boy! Now that "ElevatorGate" has left the station, Sherri Shepherd's divorce takes centerstage. SMH.. It amazes me that anyone can go and look up legal information about ongoing cases these days, it is public information. Maybe she should try to seek an injunction of sorts to seal her information from those like TMZ whom are allways looking to catch a person in the public eye slipping.


In court documents filed in April in Los Angeles Superior Court and obtained by PEOPLE, The View co-host's ex, Jeffrey Tarpley, sought an emergency custody modification hearing, claiming their son, Jeffrey Jr., was suffering from "neglect."

The judge found no cause for a temporary emergency order, and instead scheduled a hearing for July 21, according to the filing.

Tarpley is seeking temporary physical custody of their son, with Shepherd getting "no visitation until the court rules on this issue at the hearing." He claims their special-needs child, who lives in New Jersey with Shepherd, 47, cannot tie his own shoes, reads at a second-grade level, can barely write and has poor hygiene.

Tarpley contends in his custody petition that Shepherd's busy work schedule "caused her to neglect Jeffrey and deprive him access to basic educational needs, a nurturing and loving environment, and care that Jeffrey so desperately needs."

He also states that Shepherd's "career is seven days per week non-stop," and alleges that she relegates "primary responsibility for our minor child to unskilled nannies." 

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