Tuesday, May 13, 2014

"WE ARE THE MAYOR" Ras Baraka takes the seat as Mayor of Newark!!!!!


NEWARK - Voters have chosen Ras Baraka to lead New Jersey's largest city after its former mayor left for the U.S. Senate.
Newark residents on Tuesday were choosing between City Councilman Baraka and former state Assistant Attorney General Shavar Jeffries.
Baraka will take the seat held by Cory Booker, who stepped down last year after bringing a dose of celebrity to the office.

The race featured an expensive television advertising war in recent weeks.
State monitors were on-hand to ensure fair elections.

Luis Quintana, a municipal council official, has been serving as interim mayor since Booker's departure.

Since 1954, there have been only five elected mayors in Newark.

Baraka is the son of famed U.S. poet laureate and militant writer Amiri Baraka whom recently passed away in January.

Maybe, just maybe real change can be made in New Jersey when it comes to Gun Violence.

Check out this interview with soon to be Mayor Ras Baraka on The Breakfast Club! Also, check out this write up which details a bit more of  how Mr. Baraka won.

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