Saturday, June 28, 2014

10 Most Passive Aggy Posts on Social Media via Mashable

These are hilarious. I'm guilty of #10. #4 is most annoying.

1. The sub-post

Talking about someone behind his back isn't new, and neither is doing it in a place where he can hear it. Naturally, this prime method of passive-aggressive behavior has translated to social media — through the sub-post.

2. 'Vaguebooking'

We all have problems and emotions, and sometimes we need to share them with our friends on social media. While there isn't anything inherently wrong with that, vaguely alluding to what's bothering you as a plea for attention — or "vaguebooking" — is an awful way of finding support, but it's a fantastic way of aggravating your friends and followers.

3. The 'humblebrag'

Sometimes when you work hard, good things happen to you and you want to tell the world. Be proud! Shout your achievements from the virtual rooftops and bask in the onslaught of likes, comments and emoticons headed your way! But don't undermine your accomplishments and overstate your humility with a humblebrag.

At its core, a humblebrag is any post about an award, accomplishment or generally good thing that happened to you that you mask with a feeling other than the pride and thankfulness to appear humble — and there's usually a few hashtags, too.

4. The overzealous grammar checker

Spelling and grammar are important, but on social media, sometimes it's best to let things slide. Whether you're trolling your friends or copy editing your News Feed, making excessive spelling and grammar corrections on posts and statuses will often annoy the person who made the slip-up — and everyone reading it — more than the actual error itself.

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