Thursday, June 19, 2014

DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE: Chuck D, Hot 97 and the Dynamics of the ruination of Hip Hop Culture

So if you haven't been paying attention, Hip Hop Legend and Pioneer Chuck D has sparked the conversation and movement around Hot 97's ownership blatantly allowing the profuse use of the N word and the allowance of violence during their popular Summer Jam concert series.

Chuck has been on Twitter asking pioneers of the Genre to step up and call out corporations and radio stations who have no respect for black culture/music. He has also questioned why these certain radio stations and program directors have not given ANY airplay to Indie Artists and other artists outside of Nikki Minaj and the likes.

Most recently, Hot 97's radio show hosts Ebro and Rosenberg proceeded to insult Chuck by questioning his position and relevance in Hip Hop.  Rosenberg, self-proclaimed champion of Hip Hop had the audacity to say, “No one elected you president of Hip Hop. What are you doing to support this culture besides tweeting confusing messages in a 140 characters or less?

Wow.."What has Chuck D done for the culture of Hip Hop? Is that a rhetorical question? Oxymoron? Is it not telling that this dude has no idea what the hell he is talking about? Anyone who is a lover of Hip Hop music know the group Public Enemy are respected Icons and have always championed causes for the betterment of the black community using Hip Hop as a political platform to teach black people about the "Powers that Be" in higher places..and Institutional Racism!

It is obvious that this guy is living in a commercial bubble and doesn't know how Chuck D is continuing to contribute to the Culture of Hip Hop., did Hot 97 not know about the "Hip Hop Gods" tour? Did they assist in promoting it?

Besides all of that, these folks are small on the totem pole of power. I think Chuck D's movement, which it is, should continue to also focus on the "KingPins" so to speak behind the scene. Who are the REAL owners of Hot 97?

Emmis Broadcasting, a company which owns various stations across the United States, including Hot 97 and Power 106 in Los Angeles. Both ranked as the world’s top “Hip Hop” radio stations, these two networks were launched by Rick Cummings, Emmis’ current President of Radio Programming.  Hot 97 and Power 106 program directors have to answer to these folk. source:raprehab

I implore ALL those who care about the Genre of Hip Hop to follow Chuck on Twitter because he is giving out alot of information on how to support artists who get NO LOVE from these stations but continously play music that is detrimental to the young generation coming up. They have to know there is more to Hip Hop than "hoeing", "blinging" "bad bitching" shooting and killing and the list goes on and on.

All I ask for is a balance, as a one time artist and for sure lover of Hip Hop and now Producer of my own online radio show..I've tried to show that balance. I understand the need for free speech and artistry..but can we PLEASE have some balance to show that our community is not just about cars, money & hoes!

By the way, I can't WAIT for "Tha Teacher" KRS-One to join this discussion, were hearing he is out of the country, which seems to be the case with alot of our conscious MC's these days..see:MosDef

Can these two at least have an invitation extended to them from Hot 97 to talk about these issues? I'll Wait......

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