Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fight the Power -Chuck D wants to change Urban Radio, after Hot 97 Summer Jam Fiasco

Our favorite M.C. Chuck D of the notorious and legendary pioneer hip hop group "Public Enemy" wants the world to know that he is not in agreement with the ownership of Hot 97 comfortably allowing the "N" word to be liberally used at festival events, particularly at "Summer Jam" and he is on a quest to "destroy" urban radio outlets that do the same, including Hot 97 IF they do not make it a point of cleaning up their acts! Well alrite. Check the Deets below.


Chuck D wants Urban radio to "get it right or be gone" -- and he's not just talking about Hot 97 in New York. The Public Enemy co-founder has been in a Twitter war of words with the Hot 97 team since the station's Summer Jam concert on June 1, when he derided "what a sloppy fiasco (the station) has made of Hip-Hop."

Reached by Billboard backstage before the group's Parklife Weekender festival appearance Sunday in Manchester, England, D said his unhappiness about the Summer Jam -- particularly over the prolific use of the N-word and a line-up D felt did not adequately represent the New York hip-hop community -- was "the last straw" in a general dissatisfaction over the state of rap and radio stations that play and brand themselves with the music. 

"My goal by year's end is to change the face and sound of urban radio," D promised. "I've been in this shit 30 years, too long to just sit and let it be. I'm not going to be the grim reaper. I don't want to be the grim reaper. But people have to stand up and we need some change, and it's time."

This year's Hot 97 Summer Jam featured performances by Nas, 50 Cent, Childish Gambino, Iggy Azalea, the Roots, Nick Minaj, Wiz Khalifa and many more. D says he was particularly disturbed that the use of the N-word was so readily tolerated by the station and festival organizers. 

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