Monday, June 16, 2014

"Get the F!@# OUT!" Is what actress Sanaa Lathan told the Stalker sleeping in her HOUSE!

Sometimes its not the greatest idea to post half naked pictures of yourself on social media...ESPECIALLY if you are a highly visible person like our fav actress Sanaa Lathan. We truly understand about promotion however, social media is full of "stranger danger"...Although what you wear does not justify this sort of behavior,  Check the Deets!

According to the New York Post, On Friday, a man identified as Shawn Caples, 28, was caught sleeping in the laundry room at Sanaa Lathan‘s home by contractors, reports TMZ. Caples claimed to be Lathan’s husband and was sent away, but things escalated when Caples returned later that day and was discovered by Lathan herself.

The 42-year-old “Best Man Holiday” actress screamed “get the f—k out of here.”
Caples refused to leave the premises and Lathan immediately called police.
On Monday, Caples reappeared at a terrified Lathan’s house.

The crazed fan was arrested and jailed for stalking. Upon his release, Caples will be ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from the star.

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