Friday, June 20, 2014

Have you seen the Tupac inspired Musical "Holler if You Hear Me" on Broadway?

Tupac is on Broadway! I can't wait to go see this musical and plan to real soon., although the reviews I am getting are not so great, but not too bad as well., I'm still going to support the foundation. I'm hearing this production cost a whopping 8 Milli!

Here is what a writer at "TheRoot" had to say about the show:

First, don’t come to the Palace Theatre expecting to see Tupac Amaru Shakur’s life and death onstage. You’ll just end up befuddled. This is no musical biography, the way Motown The Musical is a prettied-up version of Berry Gordy’s life. Instead, Tupac’s music serves as the soundtrack to a broader story. There is no Tupac figure: Williams makes for a mesmerizing stage presence. But at fortysomething, he seems too old and world weary to be a true stand-in for the baby-faced ‘Pac, who died at 25, shortly after a hail of bullets felled him on the Vegas strip back in ‘96.

The setting is a Midwestern industrial city in Any Ghetto, U.S.A. The specifics of where don’t matter, and I suppose that’s the point. This is meant to be a universal story. The musical opens with John (Williams) in the confines of his prison cell, a cage that hangs suspended from the stage. He’s spitting Tupac’s lyrics a cappella, intense, bitter, haunted:

They got a nigga
Shedding tears, reminiscing on my past fears
Cause shit was hectic for me last year
It appears that I've been marked for death, my heartless breath
The underlying cause of my arrest, my life is stressed
And no rest forever weary, my eyes stay teary
for all the brothers that are buried in the cemetery



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