Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Is that Bey talking greasy? Throwback Interview! Beyonce vs. Wendy Williams

Okay during our usual late night snacking and scouring news/entertainment, we came upon this much coveted interview of Beyonce from Wendy William's time on radio. Now let me tell you, it is quite strange that as much as I am on youtube, this is my first time running across this video..this thing was buried for sure.

 I kept thinking, there has to be a throwback interview with Wendy back in the days with Ms. Beyonce, as I was a huge William's fan during that time, but could never find it.

During the interview which was during the time where the original Destiny's Child had just broken up, Farrah what's her name, had just been fired and Michelle had just joined the group. If I didn't know any better I would've thought this interview was fake or that Solange was the one talking, but not at all, it is for sure your girl Beyonce Knowles with attitude, shade and VERY talkative.

Listen as she tells Wendy, rite in front of Kelly that she is the better singer, the reason why she is paid more attention is because of her being the lead and having the singing ability that the other girls do not. Just like that! The Beyonce of mega fame today is for sure CONTROLLED! I like the B on the interview, seems a bit more real. What you think? Which Beyonce do you like better?

Check out the Interview. Oh, because it is a Throw Throw back, it does have Throwback Quality....

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