Wednesday, June 25, 2014

KRS-ONE speaks on Angie Martinez, Hot 97 & Hip Hop

 Didn't I say Krs One will be the next one to speak on the travesty that is taking place in Hip Hop? The three most vocal artists of the game speaking out are Lord Jamal, KRS and Chuck D. Check out the article from Hip Hop DX whereas KRS One, a legend in Hop Hop kicks knowledge about the fakeness going on with some of these popular folk who claim they love the genre but are selling it out., as Damon Dash coined the term "Culture Vultures"...

South Bronx rapper and Hip Hop pioneer KRS-One had a few choice words for a handful of current and former employees at the New York City-based radio station Hot 97. He recalled being banned from the radio station by former Hot 97 programmer Tracy Cloherty, being hung up on by Street Soldiers’ Lisa Evers, and more.

He also stated that Angie Martinez, who resigned from her position at Hot 97 last week, “forgot her roots” at one point.

“When Funkmaster Flex stopped playing my music for no reason,” KRS-One said. “And when Angie Martinez forgot her roots. And I don’t know if y’all know this woman, but her name is Tracy Cloherty. Well, she banned me from the station. And Lisa Evers, Street Soldiers, hung up on me live on air.

Because I said they said—This is when Foxy Brown and Lil Kim had their little shootout in front of Hot 97 and they had us on the air. And I said ‘Y’all the ones that promoted that shit.’ All day long ‘Gun, gun, gun.’ All day long ‘Murder, murder, murder’…There’s something called a balance. In the morning when our kids are going to school that’s not the time to play ‘killing, shooting, nigga, bitch, and fuck.’”
After airing out his thoughts on Hot 97, KRS-One spoke on self-worth and the nature of today’s Hip Hop. He says the genre has gone from a pastime to a worldwide profession.

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