Sunday, June 15, 2014

Men Do Cry: Father's Day Forum in Atlanta stirs Raw Emotions

 Who says black men aren't suppose to talk about their feelings? Hypermasculinity and sexuality are issues that need to be discussed in order to build better husbands, fathers and role models in black  communities.

 Black women cannot raise grown men as some of us unfortunately had the "Papa was a rolling stone" soundtrack to our lives as well. However, all hope is not lost when those black men who have bravely worked through their issues step up and assist in teaching or becoming role models for those who may lack knowledge and/or life experience about leadership and manhood. Each One, Teach One!

Sisters are with you, as always, when you need us. 

Here is quite an informative article that may surprise some at Huffington Post:

Happy Reading & Happy Father's Day!


Forum to celebrate fathers stirred up raw emotions as panelists and audience members alike talked candidly about issues related to fatherhood.

Friday night’s event, the second in David Manuel’s I Am Series, was billed as an opportunity for an up-close and personal conversation with some of today’s most influential men.

In practice the event at Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church in Southeast Atlanta was a rare chance for open and honest conversation about fathering as well as the unique obstacles facing some sectors of the community. Read in Entirety

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