Sunday, June 29, 2014

Outkast's Big Boi unhappy with HuffPost's Marc Lamont Hill- Find out Why?

Why does it seem the BET Awards always seem to bring out the best or shall we say worst of behavior in black culture? And why are some black men who are above 40 years of age not able to communicate effectively with their words? Whats with all the aggression? What am I talking about? Check the Deets below...Have to admit the picture is hilarious!

Reported by BlackLikeMoi,

Huffpost Live commentator Marc Lamont Hill got the surprise of his life when he found out that the rapper Big Boi from Outkast didn’t take kindly to his criticism of him.  Hill had apparently made remarks on his Twitter account that some found to be disrespectful toward the rapper.  In addition, Hill made the mistake of tweeting his comments toward Big Boi (aka Antwan AndrĂ© Patton).  
On Twitter, Hill asked the following question:  “Is OutKast’s Big Boi The Chris Bosh to Andre 3000′s LeBron James?”

Hill also did a Huffpost Live segment on the very same topic.
The remarks were especially controversial with Outkast having a series of challenges over the last couple of years.  Big Boi has been working to get Andre 3000 back onto the stage and the group was just able to start making money again this year.

Big Boi didn’t appreciate Hill’s comments and used the Outkast BET experience performance to get his revenge.  Hill was attending the show with his daughter at the time, and in front of his child, Big Boi referred to Marc as a “b*tch.”

The Internet got wind of the remarks, and even Bossip followed up by referring to Hill as the “Cornball Brotha” on CNN.  Hill apologized to Big Boi and tried to smooth things over, but the Twitterverse can be cruel to those who’ve been humiliated in public.   Bomani Jones from ESPN publicly tried to tweet some sense into Hill, and told him that “you’re on the wrong side of Big Boi.”

How should this miscommunication have been handled? SOUNDOFF!

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