Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Was comedian Marlon Wayans disrespectful towards Africans While hosting the MTV African Music Awards?


Saturday night, Marlon Wayans rolled into the 2014 MTV African Music Awards (MAMA) on a “blinged-up rickshaw” to host the show, which was broadcast on both MTV and MTV Base across sub-Saharan Africa for the first time.

The MAMAs paid tribute to African musicians and entertainers from all over the continent with Nigerian superstars Davido, Tiwa Savagge, and South African group Mafikizolo taking home the night’s top awards.

While the show was a spectacular showcase of Africa’s talent, and included exciting performances from Americans like Trey Songs, Miguel, and French Montana, the night was dampened by Marlon Wayans’ stereotypical jokes about Africa.

Though Billboard declared the comedian “charmed the audience” through a series of clips, showing Wayans pretending to be “a clueless American reporter ” whose knowledge of the continent progressed throughout the event by way of several staged interviews, others saw Wayans’ brand of humor quite differently.

According to the blog, Wayans mangled the pronunciation of several artists’ names and even mispronounced the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. And apparently it got worse.
“He trundled out crappy stereotype after insult – telling the audience that he’d seen butts that made Kim Kardashian look like Miley Cyrus, going on about how many marathons Africans win and getting in jokes about cannibalism, clicking languages and how he might have fucked a lion the night before.”

Oh NO! View the footage of some of the highlights of the show. Poor Marlon can't catch a break. Wrong black folks Marlon, here in the states African Americans tend to laugh at the stereotypes made of them unfortunately.

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