Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Women of Color Urge Inclusion in "My Brother's Keeper" Initiative

I have so many opinions on this..but guess what, I am (for now) going to reserve them, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Yes it happens sometimes. Mainly because I need more information to give an opinion on the topic.

However, I sometimes mention "Black Twitter" (meeting of minds, some negative, MOST positive) and how progressive and forward thinking it can be when those of likemind come together and take a stand on important matters. Topic of passion is the new initiative called "My Brother's Keeper" , an agenda soley concerning the plight of black men and boys, implemented by the President. 

BUT, what happened to our black girls? Why aren't they included in the MBK Initiative? Could the thinking be that black girls/teenagers are pretty much okay and therefore do not need suffer as much as our brothers? That is the question and purpose of this blog post title and the hashtag #WhyWeCantWait that was started on Twitter from those who feel the President and others who are supportive of MBK, need to include brown girls.

Please find more information at the African American Policy Forum, a thinktank of scholars and activists and social policy makers, read the open letter to the P.O.T.U.S about this topic and sign if you see the importance.

 ALL of our children matter and are under enormous, out of the ordinary pressures in this country.


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