Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WWYD: N-Word spewing Upstate NY Woman caught on Tape

Bravo to this man for video recording this violent racist mother verbally assaulting him all while calling him Nigger a dozen times. The saddest part to this video are the woman's children whom are present while she goes berserk. Amazingly, this behavior in upstate must be all the norm as there are at least 4 or more folks who have heard the woman call the man a nigger and seem unfazed!


Apparently the confrontation started on May 30 when the man, presumably black, got into his car and started his vehicle in a Cheektowaga, N.Y. parking lot, scaring the woman's two children. This allegedly set the woman off who started a racial-slur-filled tirade against the man in the vehicle, who calmly begins recording her.

A twitter account, being linked to the woman in the video, identifies her as Janelle Ambrosia, whose bio lists her as a "loud mouth Italian."

WATCH: Man who was verbally assaulted speaks

WARNING: Disturbing

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