Monday, July 14, 2014

10 Best NYC concerts this Week!!

Who else is trying to check out some good music this summer?


Bruno Mars + Pharrell Williams
Madison Square Garden
Monday & Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., $54.50-$155.
Live, via satellite, or pounding through your earbuds, Bruno Mars is unarguably the hardest working man in show business right now - a twenty-something with a 1950s-tinged stage presence and 1980s pop-compounding hits. The impish, dimpled star is joined for this two-night stand by Pharrell Williams, an A-List producer enjoying an unlikely comeback as a kind of R&B classicist. In tandem, the pair's unique versions of bouncy, saccharine uplift will either buoy your spirits or rot out your molars, depending on your disposition. -- By Raymond Cummings

Irving Plaza
7:30 p.m., $30.
De La Soul's anniversary show is a celebration of their debut 1989 album 3 Feet High And Rising, which is seen as a major contribution to the development of alternative hip-hop, with its focus on diverse sampling, and promotion of unity and goodwill. While the album is De La Soul's largest commercial success, the group continued to release projects that were acclaimed by critics. This past Valentine's Day, De La Soul made their entire catalog, pre-The Grind Date, available for free download. They have a few new projects in the works, including a new album You're Welcome, a mixtape Smell the D.A.I.S.Y., and a new EP Premium Soul on the Rocks. -- By Tara Mahadevan

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