Wednesday, July 2, 2014

14 Common Mistakes of Afro Hair (Solutions)

As a naturalista, meaning I have natural hair, no perm...I truly need this education on how to take care of my hair so that it is not breaking and overly dry. So I found this very informative video for all my other naturalistas who are struggling to find out what works for their hair type..ENJOY and Please Share with others.

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1.Chemical Relaxers
2. Rough Handling
3.Wrong Accesories
4.  Lack of Moisture
5. Lack of Cleaning
6. Wrong Products
7. Improper Shampoo Methods
8.  Hair is your Health
9. Deep Conditioning
10. Wrong styling tools
11. Trimming split ends
12. Wrong styling of Natural Hair
13. Protecting your hair at night
14. Wrong Hair Extensions

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