Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BUSTED-Cops force Detroit Man to Frame others!

 Keep your nose clean out here because this is what you are facing if you ever get involved with the crooked Injustice system. This happens ALL the time. What is extremely disturbing is how the report doesn't even say what is going to happen to the police officers involved!!, they treat the story as if its a non-story. They say Internal Affairs is looking into the story and have the video, when we most know they protect their own..Disgusting!

A man has brought forth evidence that a team of police officers repeatedly intimidated him with prison time if he didn’t find someone to frame up with a weapons charge.

Terry Robinson, 21, is currently on probation from a previous offense and working to stay out of trouble and finish school, according to KMOV.  Should he get arrested again, he will face at least 9 years in prison.  Police officers used his precarious position as a way to leverage him into being their pawn in setting up innocent people with undeserved charges.

It began when officers saw him in his neighborhood, cuffed him, and pretended to drive him to the police station.  During the drive, they began to lay out their demands.

What they didn’t know was that Robinson had access to his cell phone and initiated the recording feature.

Officers reportedly told Robinson that they intended to arrest someone on weapons charges and would plant a gun on someone if necessary.  Robinson could either give up a name of someone who could be framed, or else the officers would plant a .38 caliber revolver on him and make sure he was sent to prison.

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