Thursday, July 17, 2014

Gaza- 4 Boys on the Beach Die Senselessly

These are the news stories we pray about., to see children dying and horrific suffering, all I can think about is how the creator himself is feeling.

source:TruthDigs caught the Israeli shelling of children on the beach on film.  Apparently some of the children had been playing soccer with the journalists before the barrages began!  There was no warning (contrary to what Euronews suggested) and there were no military targets on the beach.  There were just little boys who tried to run away and who appear to have been deliberately targeted for a second strike by an Israeli gunboat.

NBC journalists and editors appear to be angry about this incident, since, unusually for American television news, they dared be quite frank in their language about Israeli culpability.  Veteran correspondent Richard Engels pointed out that despite Hamas’s largely ineffectual rockets, it is the Palestinians of Gaza who are bearing the brunt of Israeli bombardment, since they have no shelter and nowhere to go. 

“It was broad daylight.  There was no warning .  It wasn’t the precision war Israel says it is fighting…  Israel claimed that it was firing at Hamas militants at the port.  But the dead were four young boys.”  That is, NBC just called the Israeli military bald-faced liars, because there were no Hamas militants on that beach, just children playing.


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