Thursday, July 10, 2014

HOW MANY? Brooklyn Man receives 3 Million for Wrongful Incarceration..

A Brooklyn man who spent more than 15 years in prison after allegedly being railroaded by a rogue prosecutor for the murder of a rabbi is getting $3 million from the state to settle his wrongful conviction lawsuit.

Jabbar Collins’ settlement was approved Thursday by Judge Faviola Soto in the state Court of Claims in lower Manhattan.

Outside court, Collins said the settlement was bittersweet because his mother passed away last July. “I would love for her to be here because she knew this day was coming,” Collins said.

In 1995, Jabbar Collins saw his world crumble when he was convicted for a murder he not only didn’t commit but was conspired into prosecution by a crooked lawyer.
Today, Collins can’t get back the years he missed but the state of New York is compensating him for their obstruction of justices.
He just reached a settlement worth $3 million.
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