Monday, July 7, 2014

[LISTEN] Hot 97's Rosenberg issues Apology to Veteran MC Chuck D!!! Ya Don't Say?

So before the Holiday Weekend kicked off,  Hip Hop MC Jay Electronica took to his Twitter to issue a warning to Hot 97, or more like a demand, stating,  disrespect of political activist and one of Hip Hop's true GateKeeper's of the art, Chuck D,  was owed an apology, and if not there would be repurcussions!

If you recall, Chuck D shouted out his disgust over Hot 97's blatant use of the "N" Word and allowance of violence at this year's "Summer Jam" Festival in which Rosenberg replied in a very much so, disrespectful tone of the Veteran..calling him a "Troll" seeking attention.

Well that was quick! Listen to the short apology (should've been alot longer) from Rosenberg and read our thoughts on the situation..  Chuck D wants Hot 97 to know something

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