Thursday, July 24, 2014

**NEW MUSIC** Sharaya J: "Smash Up the Place"

Can't go wrong with Party Starter Missy Elliott productions. Loving this new artist she is bringing to the masses "Sharaya J", who's new song "Smash Up The Place" is a breath of fresh air for those who love authentic hip hop music and "artistry" over gimmicks.

Be sure to peep the "Poison" sample at the end from 90's re-invention group "B.B.D"! By the way Sharaya is almost a deadringer of the singer "Dawn" from Danity Kane, and Diddy's "Making the Band" fame, don't you think so? Hmmm..

Whats are your thoughts about this video and song?

Sharaya J's New Video
Directed By: Missy Elliott and Sam DeAngelis
Produced By: WebofTheMacHine
Snatch Yo Wigs Produced By: DJ Jayhood
Edited By: SLDean Studios
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