Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shut'Em DOWN!!! Hot 97, Chuck D & the F.C.C.

Now THIS is how you do it.  Taking back the Culture, that is "Hip Hop"

The so called  "Realness" Hot 97's Rosenberg talks.  Peep It. Written by Hip Hop Journalist and DJ. Mannie Faces..Find him on Twitter @MannyFaces

Weeks before Public Enemy frontman and hip hop activist Chuck D ignited a war of Twitter words by criticizing New York radio station Hot 97, a team of lawyers was working to respond to a document that I filed with the Federal Communications Commission that has the power to potentially knock them off the air.

The document is a “Petition to Deny,” asking that the FCC inhibit a radio station’s license to broadcast.
Even as heated debate and discussion swirls around the internet and media, sparked by Chuck D’s criticism, the action that I began back in April remains very much active, awaiting FCC review, and has forced Emmis Communications to respond.


Great Interview by Chuck D on the Combat Jack Show..Full of Hip Hop History! EXPLICIT

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