Friday, July 11, 2014

These Men Ain't Loyal-R&B Soul Singer Angie Stone dumps Boyfriend of 8 years...

 If you are a fan of the Reality TV Show "R&B Divas ATL" than you may find this interesting. From what I have gathered, and all I can comprehend out of this alledged story is, Angie you are too mature for this mess, also be careful when you decide to open your life up to cameras, it can become disastrous! Wish you well Ms. Stone, been a listener of your music for a minute now. Hope you find peace of mind and a good man!

SIDEBAR: Wendy is messy messy messy. When will folks learn, she don't give a Damn!


"R&B Divas ATL " star Angie Stone is accusing her longtime boyfriend/manager Ashanti Graves of cheating with a "R&B Divas staffer! .

The BIGGEST scandal concerning the R&B Divas Atlanta wasn't caught on film.  According to sources close to Angie Stone, she is accusing her boyfriend/manager Ashanti Graves (who appeared on the show with her) of having an affair with a member of the R&B Divas production crew.

Apparently, the "alleged" affair got Angie fired up and she DID NOT sweep it under the rug. was told that she's spoken openly about the alleged affair with several people inside and out production.  Also, Angie produced receipts (e.g. phone records) to substantiate her beliefs.  A second source, who's VERY close to Angie, also confirmed that the couple has parted ways....
Perhaps this explains why Angie was on edge during the reunion show?!

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