Monday, July 7, 2014

Trey Songz explains why he is NOT ready for Love at the moment

On Tuesday, Trey Songz released his sixth album. Yes, that’s right, sixth album! Where did the time go?

The musical heartthrob has been singing his way into fans’ hearts all over the world since the album, I Gotta Make It, dropped in 2005. His new album is titled, Trigga.

Trey discusses how different the hustle is now compared to when he first was coming into the industry.

“You know, the creative process then was for you to get the world to listen to you… Back then, you’re making music out of necessity; you’re doing it because you’re really trying to get on. Right now, it’s being on and having time to myself and having been made five albums, and between the fifth and sixth being able to really live a little – which I never really got to do in between albums. With this album, Trigga, I was my own boss more-so than ever, and I was never that in the beginning,” says the 29-year-old.

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