Friday, August 22, 2014

BRILLIANT-Bullet Bucket Challenge by Actor Orlando Jones

Brilliant indeed. How sad to see A list celebrities and those with sizable social media platforms remain deafeningly silent about human rights atrocities taking place in this country (every 28 hours a black person is murdered by an authority figure) however engaging in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge for Lou Gehrig's Disease.


The Bullet Bucket Challenge was sparked by the recent killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo. The disease of violence, particularly when a black person is killed by a police officer, seems to be all too common in recent months: From Eric Garner to Mike Brown. From Ezell Ford to Kajieme Powell. Those men have died at the hands of those who were meant to protect and serve.

Jones’ mission with his Bullet Bucket Challenge is to bring attention to the violence that exists in the world. In Jones’ video, he pours a bucket of shell casings, instead of ice water, over his head to represent the lives that were cut short because of violence.

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