Thursday, August 21, 2014

FERGUSON-National Latino Organizations express Solidarity

 As the fight for equal rights for opressed people of color began to take shape in the aftermath of the execution of Ferguson resident Michael Brown, the question once again arises; How can Blacks and Hispanic/Latinos and those across the diaspora show Solidarity and began to create an Agenda for Unity.

As Ferguson, Mo., has become a flashpoint for fury and distrust between the black community and law enforcement after the death of Michael Brown, Latino organizations on Friday began to come out and express solidarity with the Brown family and those protesting on their behalf.

Leaders of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, a nonpartisan association of 37 of the leading Latino organizations across the country, sent BuzzFeed statements on Brown’s death.

“Mothers of color should not have to fear that our children will not be safe in our neighborhoods and city streets,” said Jessica Gonz├ílez-Rojas, Executive Director at the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health. “The militarization and violent conduct, whether of police or immigration enforcement officials, are issues of human rights and racial justice, and warrant full investigation and accountability measures. My deepest condolences to Michael Brown’s family and all communities facing state violence.”


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