Friday, August 15, 2014

Ferguson PD: Darren Wilson the shooter/Plus new Campaign of Robbery

Never a dull day in the epicenter of media spin and bias. This morning Ferguson Police Chief Thomas hurriedly released the officer's name that all wanted from the very beginning, Darren Wilson was the name given. But not too quick, along with the much awaited release of the cop's name comes the side of surveillance tapes showing 18 year old Michael Brown in which looks like an altercation with a man. Read the report below.  What are your thoughts? Does this Justify the way Mr. Brown was murdered?

reported by: The Daily Banter

At a much-anticipated press conference Friday morning, Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson rolled out his department’s latest media strategy, pairing his announcement of six-year veteran Darren Wilson as the shooter of Mike Brown with information on a “strong-arm robbery” that occurred just before Wilson shot and killed the unarmed teenager.

Jackson haltingly delivered the information in a carefully-worded statement to reporters Friday morning, handing out a packet to media that contained information on a “strong-arm robbery” of a convenience store, including still frames from video surveillance. Without directly accusing Mike Brown of being the suspect in that robbery, Jackson recited a timeline of dispatch calls. He capped off the minutes-long presser by naming the officer involved, but still released no new details about the killing of Mike Brown, such as the number of shots that were fired. “The officer that was involved in the shooting of Michael Brown was Darren Wilson,” Jackson said. “He’s been a police officer for six years, has had no disciplinary action taken against him.”

If the press conference seems strange, perhaps Jackson’s comments near the top of it make things a bit clearer:

“I won’t be taking any questions today… right now, not today, I won’t be taking any questions here. I want to give this information to you, let everybody digest it, and then later on sometime after noon, we can get together again, and then I’ll take questions.”

The object of this “press conference” was not to inform the public, but to roll out a media campaign. As of this morning, the questions on everyone’s minds were about the actions of the police, the name of the shooter, the number of times Mike Brown was shot as he fled, unarmed.

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