Sunday, August 31, 2014

ICYMI-Beloved couple Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon part ways amicably ofcourse...SMH


Songbird Mariah Carey and multimedia mogul Nick Cannon are divorcing on good terms. The estranged couple dined together recently, reports gossip tabloid TMZ.
Unlike divorcing couples who routinely sling mud at each other, Nick and Mariah are divorcing quietly for the sake of their twins. Mariah reportedly slapped a muzzle on Nick forbidding him from airing out her dirty laundry. That might have something to do with their civility.
TMZ first reported … the divorce is a “done deal” and the couple has been separated since May.
We’re told they are not only on good terms — primarily for the sake of their kids — they even went to dinner Friday in Tribeca and shockingly no one even noticed.
It’s a big improvement from 6 months ago, when there was so much contempt they literally could not be in the same room together.
We’re told it’s all about the kids … they’re both committed to making the divorce as easy as possible on them. But — let’s just say one side tells us — they will NEVER get back together.

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