Monday, August 11, 2014

Jill Scott talks being Wife of James Brown in Biopic about his Life..

We haven't even seen the film about the Legendary Blues/Soul Singer/Dancer Extroadinaire James Brown yet, but damn...Can't wait! Check out what Jill thought about her role as the 2nd Wife of the Super Bad performer with Sister2Sister Magazine..


The anticipated James Brown biopic, Get On Up, opened in theaters last week. Chadwick Boseman, who played the character of Jackie Robinson in 42, takes on the role of the Godfather of Soul. This film also stars Dan Aykroyd Viola Davis, Octavia Spenser and songstress, Jill Scott.

Jill received a script and knew she had to be a part of the film, no matter if her part was big or small. When Jill went to audition, it went so well that writers created a character for her that wasn’t originally in the script. She plays DeeDee Brown, who was James’ second wife.

“DeeDee Brown is James Brown’s second wife. Mother of his children. She was completely and utterly devoted to the man. She basically saw him for the first time on stage and was done just like I was. I’ve never seen James Brown in person, but being a part of this film made me feel like I actually fell in love with James Brown through DeeDee,” Jill told The Source.

Most relationships are bittersweet. There are many ups, but downs as well. DeeDee loved and accepted James, especially the many times his frustrations were taken out on her.

Jill said: “Sometimes, he’s very passionate and loving and sometimes, the weight of being James Brown was taken out on her and she accepted it. She accepted it because she loved him and she wanted him. He is an extraordinary man… He’s a great man and she stayed as long as she could.”


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