Thursday, August 7, 2014

Justice has been Served for Renisha! Read FULL Closing Remarks

The senseless murder of 19 year old Detroit native Renisha McBride is disturbing.  What is even more disturbing is the apathetic attitude in the black community and mediocre media coverage of her death. A life taken, especially so in this manner, should always cause outrage and a tremendous call to action for Justice. 

Thanks to Freedom Fighter/Journalist Dream Hampton for catapulting Renisha's story into the national eye.  Many say this case had no similiarities to the death of young brother Trayvon Martin, however I beg to differ...It took close to 48 hours before the killer was arrested, the media tried to protect him by withholding his name AND just like in the Martin death, the Defense was hellbent on painting Renisha McBride as a "Thugstress", "Burgler" drug addict...however the woman Judge in this case showed common sense and did not allow it.

Condolences to Renisha McBride's family. Although they will never see their loved one again in life, at least they have received some form of justice for the 19 year old graduate. 

Click the link to Read FULL Closing Arguments of Both Sides via: DetroitFreePres:

Read Filmmaker Dream Hampton's write up about the Verdict reached here: 

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