Wednesday, August 20, 2014

FERGUSON Lauryn Hill dedicates moving song: "Black Rage"

I've always admired Ms. Lauryn Hill's ORGANIC way of healing the soul through her gift of songwriting and haunting voice. This song "Black Rage" for sure had a sister in her feelings.

"Black Rage is founded on two-third's a person/rapings and beatings/sufferings and worrisomes/black human packages tied up in streams/Black Rage can come from all these kinds of things." 

The song's chorus sums it up: "When the Dogs bite, when the Beatings, when I'm feeling sad, I simply remember all these kinds of things and than I don't Fear so Bad"

The melody of the song, brilliantly may I add,  is borrowed from a song called, "My Favorite Things", from the classic musical "The Sound of Music".  American as Apple Pie!!

 Check out the song. Leave your Thoughts. Deep, Deep, Deep...just how we like our girl L-Boogie!

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