Monday, September 15, 2014

Arrest Darren Wilson-"All you need is probable cause" says Brown Family Attorney

Protests continue, however, there has been no arrest of Darren Wilson for the execution of 18 year old Michael Brown, although several eyewitnesses continue to come forward with their account of how the young man was shot with hands in air, begging for life.


The parents and supporters of the 18-year-old killed in a fatal police shooting in suburban St Louis are renewing their calls for the officer’s immediate arrest.

Michael Brown’s parents joined about 20 supporters Tuesday morning at a news conference outside the Ferguson police station.

A St Louis County grand jury is reviewing the case for possible criminal charges against officer Darren Wilson.

But family supporters said there is sufficient evidence to arrest and charge Wilson now.

“You do not need an indictment in order to arrest someone,” said pastor Carlton Lee of Flood Christian Church. “Probable cause is sufficient enough to arrest civilians. So it must be enough to arrest police.”
Tuesday marks one month since Brown’s death.

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