Thursday, September 25, 2014

Attorney General Eric Holder RESIGNS!!

So in the middle of what seems like a civil war in this country, Eric Holder is resigning! Questions will arise as to how this will affect the growing concern about the rash of police killings of unarmed young black men and women. What do you think is the reason for Mr. Holder's Resignation? SOUND OFF!


Attorney General Eric Holder is resigning, NPR reports.
According to NPR's Carrie Johnson, Holder will step down as soon as his successor is confirmed. The AP confirmed the news with a White House official, and ABC News also reported Thursday that Holder will resign.
Holder has served as attorney general since 2009. He is the nation’s first black attorney general, and one of the longest-serving in the history of the United States.
He will announce his resignation at a White House event on Thursday afternoon.
Holder has spoken about his resignation before, telling the New Yorker in February he was planning to leave office sometime this year.

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