Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ferguson-"Although Barack has forsaken us, we will not stop fightin" Tef Poe

Artist & Activist Tef Poe provides heartwrenching details from the frontlines of Ferguson, Missouri and surrounding counties of St. Louis.


This is the moment I asked myself, “Why did I vote for Barack Obama twice? Why are we being treated like this simply for demanding justice for our fallen brother?” I decided it is possible I’ll never vote for another American president for as long as I live. We live in America but we are clearly not included as Americans. Americans don’t unleash a completely militarized force upon other Americans. Americans don’t tear gas other Americans. Americans don’t drive tanks over the front yards of other Americans. By classical definition we are still poor black people who reside in America, but we are not considered equal to fellow American citizens and lawmakers. Our hopes and dreams are not valued or respected. Our worries and concerns often fall upon deaf ears.


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