Monday, September 8, 2014

Ray Rice Indefinite Suspension! Who else should Go?

Domestic violence can be defined as a pattern of abusive behavior in any
relationship that is used by one partner to gain or maintain power and control
over another intimate partner.

Domestic Violence is not a joke, should not be taken lightly, and should never be used as a punchline. As the firestorm surrounding football player Ray Rice and his clear domestic violence issues become even more clear, after a 2nd video released by TMZ  has exhibited what most, who weren't in denial, or too busy victim-blaming the lady being dragged unconscious out of an elevator, already knew... there was indeed a disgusting, life threatening incident that took place on February 15th on that elevator in Atlantic City. I will not re victimize Ms. Palmer by sharing the video.

Now, there stands to be many whom are to blame for Janay Palmer's dehumanizing experience and post cover-up, as lies are soon to be uncovered as to who knew what, when and how.  Ray Rice was only given a 2 day suspension as partial images were released to the public, in an obvious public relations ploy to cover for him.

 It is so very clear, a crime of monumental proportions was committed against Janay Palmer, and one can only assume with the even moreso disturbing new images, ( although dragging an unconscious person out of an elevator is disturbing) this was not the first time, as it literally looks like he does not know how to communicate, and instead just decides to use his might and privilege as a male, to knock her out cold, and conveniently revive her later. Horrific indeed. Mr. Rice needs heavy counseling and JAIL TIME., Janay Palmer-Rice can benefit from the same (counseling), as well as an exit strategy!

By the way, there are laws on the books whereas wives cannot testify against their husbands in a court of law., just a tidbit.

I've always tuned into Keith Olbermann's show when he was on MSNBC, mainly because of his honesty and forthrightness, a truth teller! Check out the video of him on his program expressing sentiments I wholeheartedly agree with, and I'm sure plenty of other survivors, do too!  Domestic Violence shouldn't be swept under the rug. No matter how much money is involved. If you are not quite sure if you are being abused and need some answers...Visit this link: SEEK HELP

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