Tuesday, October 7, 2014

21 year old Kimberlee Randall-King found dead in Missouri Cell

 Traffic Warrants? She really hung herself for this? I pray this family stay on top of this to get to the bottom of what really happened to Kimberlee. The fact that it happened in a city within St. Louis, Missouri should raise alot more than eyebrows.

reports: Black Youth Project

The family of a Missouri woman who died while in police custody at the Pagedale city jail is demanding answers.

Kimberlee Randale-King, 21, was arrested for traffic warrants last month. 

Hours later St. Louis County police officers told King’s mother that she had hung herself in her cell. Relatives say King was not a depressed person.

Pagedale police have video of the cell area. But relatives say they don’t know what it shows. But they say the cell was small with little room for someone to hang themselves with a shirt.
King had no known history of mental illness, and her family says that it’s “just not possible” that she would take her own life.

The incident is being investigated by St. Louis County police.

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