Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hammond Family sues cops for Excessive Force during Traffic Stop

A tear literally dropped watching this video of the Hammond Family's children frightened to tears and completely astonished as to why a simple traffic stop, led to a crazy nazi reaction by these police "officers", if you want to call them that. Meanwhile, the family was in a state of emergency, enroute to be with Ms. Hammond's mother who was on her deathbed.  Recently, HLN's Nancy Grace reports a story where a police officer assists a white young mother who didn't have a child carseat, by escorting her to a local Walmart and purchasing one for her; the double standards of treatment speak loudly.


A northwest Indiana man and woman have filed a federal lawsuit against the Hammond Police Department, alleging officers used excessive force during a routine traffic stop.
The woman’s son recorded the incident on his cell phone. 

CBS 2’s Jeremy Ross reports Lisa Mahone, her boyfriend Jamal Jones, and her two children were driving to John H. Stroger Jr. Hospital of Cook County on Sept. 25, after she got a call from doctors telling her that her mother was on her death bed.
Hammond police pulled their car over because Mahone was not wearing her seatbelt, according to the lawsuit.
Meantime, Mahone’s 14-year-old son Joseph was sitting in the back seat with his younger sister, and began recording the encounter with police on his cell phone.
Mahone claimed she admitted not wearing a seatbelt, and asked to be given a ticket right away, so she could get to the hospital to see her dying mother, but Hammond officers Patrick Vicari and Charles Turner demanded to see Jones’ identification.
Jones told police he did not have his ID, because he had recently been given a traffic ticket, according to the lawsuit. When he reached into the back seat to get the ticket, the officers drew their guns, and refused to take the ticket as a form of ID.
Jones said he wouldn’t get out of the car, because he was afraid for his safety after the officers pulled their guns.
“I felt like my civil rights was just going out the window, along with my body,” he said.

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