Monday, October 27, 2014

Iranian Rehaneh Jabbari hanged for killing her rapist

In a heartbreaking final message left by Rehaneh Jabbari, who was hanged to death Saturday despite international outcry for killing her would-be rapist, the 26-year-old Iranian woman tells her mother to donate her organs after her execution.

“I don’t want to rot under the soil,” Jabbari says, in the English translation of a voice message left for her mother in April and released Saturday by Iranian activists. “I don’t want my eye or my young heart to turn into dust. Beg so that it is arranged that as soon as I am hanged my heart, kidney, eye, bones, and anything that can be transplanted be taken away from my body and given to someone who needs them as a gift.”
“That ominous night it was I that should have been killed … The murderer would have never been found since we don’t have their wealth and their power.”
Rehaneh Jabbari was 19 when Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, a former Iranian intelligence officer, called her to his office for an alleged interior design consultation, according to the United Nations. Jabbari reportedly admitted in court to stabbing Sarbani in self-defense when he tried to sexually assault her, but she claimed it was another man in the house who killed him.
Those allegations were never properly investigated, according to Amnesty International. She called an ambulance out of concern for her attacker after she escaped.

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