Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Meet the DOJ PIONEER who could bring change in Ferguson!!

HUFFPOST-The Justice Department official charged with reforming the Ferguson Police Department in the wake of the shooting of Michael Brown helped pioneer the federal government’s approach to police misconduct in the 1990s and has overseen a dramatic spike in civil rights probes of law enforcement organizations during the Obama administration.
Christy E. Lopez, who rejoined the Justice Department in 2010, serves as a deputy chief in the Special Litigation Section of the department's Civil Rights Division. She has been closely involved with DOJ-led reforms in large cities like New Orleans and smaller ones like East Haven, Connecticut.
Lopez is overseeing the broader civil rights investigation -- a so-called "pattern or practice" probe -- into the general practices of the Ferguson Police Department, which seeks to determine whether the department deprives citizens of their civil rights systematically. As deputy chief, Lopez will work with police and Ferguson residents to understand problems between officers and residents in the area. She will then make concrete recommendations to the department and will likely enter into an agreement with the city to implement reforms.

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