Monday, October 27, 2014

**NEW MUSIC** "People Pleaser" by artist Toni Hickman

This artist is a breath of fresh air in a world of stale, refurbished..lack of substance music that permeates our airwaves. In the video for "People Pleaser" Ms. Hickman shows images of the physically challenged and this ofcourse speaks volumes to someone like myself who has a daughter with mild cerebral palsy, I must show her this video! As she becomes older I struggle with ways of keeping her self esteem healthy as she will soon enter middle school and beyond., so thanks to Ms. Hickman for these positive images and messages! AND, the track is fire!! xoxo

First single from Toni Hickman produced by Marshall Law Media and filmed by Gothic Films! PEOPLE PLEASER! available on iTunes,CD Baby, Amazon, etc. Video promotes people with disabilities.. Download at these links!!

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