Monday, October 6, 2014

Sad- Mass Graves found in Guerrero, Mexico, May be bodies of 43 Missing Students

Gunmen opened fire at buses carrying students and soccer players in southern Mexico.
It's been more than a week since that violent night of shootouts in Iguala, Mexico. Authorities say three students were among six people killed in the September 26 violence, and 43 students remain missing.
Where are they? Authorities and witnesses fear they may be close to unraveling the mystery.
Along a dirt road in a remote part of Mexico's Guerrero state, authorities turned up unmarked graves full of human remains on Saturday.
Investigators found the remains of at least 28 people inside the graves, Guerrero State Attorney General I├▒aky Blanco Cabrera told reporters Sunday. The bodies were covered in gasoline and burned before they were buried, he said, and it could take between two weeks and two months to identify them.
A tip from suspects detained after the shootouts led them to the grave sites, authorities said.

The missing students, who were studying to become school teachers at Escuela Normal Rural de Ayotzinapa, were mostly young men in their 20s, according to a website state government officials have set up to help in the search.
"Help us find them!" the website says, offering a reward of 1 million pesos ($74,000) for information leading to the missing students.
State officials, who've faced sharp criticism over the students' disappearance, released a statement Sunday detailing their investigative efforts. So far more than 30 people have been detained, including 22 local police officers.
The police have denied attacking anyone, according to a government statement on their detention.
But protesters from the school have said officials aren't doing enough.
"NOW IT IS MORE DANGEROUS TO BE A STUDENT THAN A CRIMINAL," one post on a Facebook page dedicated to the school said.

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