Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Lennon Lacy Story?

In life there are many sad moments, Lennon Lacy's story is particularly troubling being that there has been absolutely no mainstream media to ask the "What, When, Where & How's".  Lately, we have heard from some in the black community who are calling themselves "the New Blacks", in where they have decided to choose a post-racial identity and refuse to acknowledge ethnicity, they are just "American".

 I make this point because this story is a glaring reminder that race relations have taken a U-turn and we are heading back into an era where lynchings and mysterious murder mysteries are being un-investigated, when the victim is a black person. Can you remember the story of Alfred Wright ? He was a Texas man who happened to be married to a Caucasian woman, and was found with his throat slit and a missing ear.  Police there deemed it an accidental overdose?

These stories are eerily all too "American".  My heart goes out to Lennon Lacy's family and lets hope that maybe the Department of Justice will do their job and investigate this young man's death. Read the story below reported by The Guardian. It will leave you speechless that there has been no coverage of this story in the mainstream.

Guardian reports:

Friday 29 August was a big day for Lennon Lacy. His high school football team, the West Bladen Knights, were taking on the West Columbus Vikings and Lacy, 17, was determined to make his mark. He’d been training all summer for the start of the season, running up and down the bleachers at the school stadium wearing a 65lb exercise jacket. Whenever his mother could afford it, he borrowed $7 and spent the day working out at the Bladenboro gym, building himself up to more than 200lbs. As for the future, he had it all planned out: this year he’d become a starting linebacker on the varsity team, next year he’d earn a scholarship to play football in college, and four years after that he’d achieve the dream he’d harboured since he was a child – to make it in the NFL.
“He was real excited,” said his Knights team-mate Anthony White, also 17, recalling the days leading up to the game. “He said he was looking forward to doing good in the game.”
The night before the game, Lacy did what he always did: he washed and laid out his football clothes in a neat row. He was a meticulous, friendly kid who made a point of always greeting people and asking them how they were doing. Everybody in his neighbourhood appears to have a story about how he would make a beeline to shake their hand, or offer to help them out by moving furniture or anything else that needed doing. “He was in the best sense a good kid,” said his pastor, Barry Galyean.  
But Lacy never made it to the game that night. At 7.30am on Friday – exactly 12 hours before the game was scheduled to start – he was found hanging from a swing set about a quarter of a mile from his home. The Knights had lost one of the most promising players; his tight-knit family was thrown into despair; and a question echoed around the streets of the tiny town of Bladenboro, North Carolina: what had happened to Lennon Lacy?

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