Monday, October 13, 2014

WhistleBlower cop says fellow cops getting "Kill" Tattoos.

A former officer with the Oxnard Police Department in California is blowing the whistle on a disturbing activity that many other cops at the department are taking part in.

The anonymous whistleblower is in talks with private investigators about how some officers with the department in Oxnard were getting tattoos on their left shoulders as “notches” to signify their shooting victims.

This is much the same way that gang members get tattoos of different styles to signify their victims.
Initially the former officer brought these details to independent media organization “American Justice Notebook”, who then passed the information along to private investigators and the police chief.  The former officer wished to keep his identity private, as a confidential informant, because he fears retaliation from the other officers.

The former Oxnard police officer told American Justice Notebook that officers who have been involved in shootings, regardless of circumstances, will many times get a tattoo of a gun on their left shoulder.  With each victim that the officer kills, a puff of gun smoke would allegedly be added to the tattoo.  The gun smoke in the tattoos are reportedly shaped like a skull and cross bones.

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