Monday, December 1, 2014

AWESOME- Activists meet with President Obama & Vice President Joe Biden

 It is about time this President listen to the youth that have been crying out in poor communities and abroad and are losing their lives #EVERY28HOURS by police officers who criminilize and fear them.

Today President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder met with seven Black and Latino organizers – from Ferguson, Mo.; Columbus, Ohio; Miami, Florida; and New York City – who have been leading some of the ongoing actions to disrupt a status quo that is intolerable.
“The president requested this meeting because this is a movement that cannot be ignored,” said Ashley Yates, a co-founder of the St. Louis-based organization, Millennial Activists United. “We have two sets of laws in America – one for young Black and Brown people, and one for the police. We are sick and tired of our lives not mattering, and our organized movement will not relent until we see justice.”

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