Friday, December 26, 2014

Black NYPD Officers say they feel threatened when off duty

 Since highly decorated L.A.P.D officer Christopher Dorner went on a rampage and wrote a very long Manifesto about his experiences as an officer of color, more dialogue is begining to taking place in the background of Michael Brown and Eric Garner murders, ET AL. I think this dialogue is much needed. There has to be a separation of Good police officers who still uphold their oath to Serve & Protect vs. those who joined the force for other reasons that may not be good.

Black NYPD officers report they feel threatened by their brothers in blue, while off-duty.
Reuters conducted interviews with 25 African American, male, officers of the New York Police Department, 15 of whom are retired and the rest are still serving. All but one of the men reported being racially profiled when off-duty and out of uniform. The experiences included unnecessary traffic stops, getting their head slammed against their cars, having guns put in their faces, being stopped and frisked while shopping, and being thrown into prison vans. The majority of officers said they’d been pulled over multiple times while driving. Five have had guns pulled on them. They all said that the officers who instigated these situations were exclusively white.
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