Tuesday, December 9, 2014

#Ferguson Burning-Strange deaths of 2 Ferguson Grand Jury Witnesses yield NO LEADS!

Words by Nadia Shakur
While officer Darren Wilson receives around the clock protection the communities in Missouri ask who is protecting them? With another mysterious death their question is valid.
23-year old Shawn Gray was discovered unconscious and pronounced dead on the scene Wednesday afternoon. Gray had been missing since thanksgiving. He was last seen leaving Cardwell’s Restaurant and Bar where he worked at 11:30 thanksgiving night but never came home. His family said that was not like him to disappear without contacting someone so they filed a missing persons report two days later.
Police said they had no leads but his family tracked his car to a parking lot in Landue, Mo. After that, they tracked his cell phone to an area surrounding the Oak Hill Cemetery in Kirkwood.
Even after the family spoke with three different police departments Gray’s family did majority of the investigating.
The most disturbing aspect in Shawn Gray disappearance is that he was a known witness in Michael Brown’s killing who testified during the grand jury proceedings. The Gray family is demanding answers and feels there was definitely foul play involved.
One of the most perplexing things about the Michael Brown death is the fact that two witnesses to the shooting have been found dead under mysterious circumstances and the local authorities have developed no leads in either case.

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