Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Shop Black in any City! Visit: TULOKO.COM and find out How!

Hey Guys! Sooo...the online magazine "Urban Cusp" created by Activist/Journalist Rahiel Tesfamariam,  has invigorated the quest to keep black dollars inside of our community in response to the ongoing Ferguson events. From the Black Friday Economic Boycott, Cyber Monday Boycott and now throughout the month, something they are calling "Black December".

Do you know our culture spends 1 Trillion dollars, buying power in this country, however we make up only 13 percent of this country's population? Mind-boggling! Currently only 6 percent of that trillion actually return BACK into our communities. A Travesty.

It is really hard to only shop with black shopkeepers depending on where one may live , but it is a must if we want to see change, economic empowerment is ultra important!  Do you notice how our demographic patron businesses that refuse to hire any one that look like us?

 It's Time, to give our all and at least TRY to do as much possible to search out Black Businesses in the spirit of BLACK WALL STREET!

I say all this to say, Check out this cool website: TULOKO.COM 

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